Biologist called COVID-19 wild animals at risk

Inhabitants of oceanariums can become infected with human coronavirus, said Maria Vorontsova, biologist, participant in conferences of the UN conventions in the field of animal protection and biodiversity, on Thursday, May 28.

“More recently, 40 species of animals have been isolated according to the structure of cells on which the virus can sit and infect them. In particular, these are all toothed whales: dolphins, belugas, killer whales, narwhals, as well as seals, ”RIA Novosti quoted her as saying.

According to the biologist, in oceanariums, the risk of transmission of a coronavirus infection to an animal from a person increases significantly.

In addition, anthropoid apes are at risk for COVID-19, Vorontsova added. In this regard, gorillas in Africa protect against possible infection.

Earlier in May, British molecular biologists, as well as their colleagues from India and Malaysia, found out that coronavirus can infect only mammals, and fish, birds and reptiles are not affected.

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