It turned out who in nature will benefit from global warming

Global warming on the planet will not be detrimental to everyone. Scientists from Portugal have discovered that marine plants will only benefit from this. The fact is that an increase in temperature in the oceans will help marine plants absorb more nitrogen, thanks to which they grow and spread. Scientists observed marine plants in three […]

Scientists have found a rare galaxy with a huge black hole

Scientists managed to get an image of a very rare galaxy in the shape of a ring of fire. This “strange” galaxy produces stars fifty times faster than the Milky Way. The galaxy is called R5519 and is located at a distance of 11 billion light-years from Earth. And the black hole, which is located […]

Synthesis of new superheavy elements

The most stable isotope nionium (113 protons) has a half-life of almost eight seconds, while the Oganesson has only 0.7 milliseconds Currently, two global goals lie almost within the reach of scientists’ experiments. One of them is to add the eighth row of the periodic table. So far, researchers have created all the elements in […]

Unusual single-celled creatures partially merge with each other to hunt large prey

Biologists’ observations of recently discovered microorganisms have shown how multicellular animals could have arisen during evolution. These organisms are similar to predatory sperm and prey on larger victims, sticking together into “multicellular” pseudo-organisms. The study was supported by a grant from the Russian Science Foundation (RSF). There are different theories of the emergence of multicellularity. […]

Scientists have compiled a detailed map of the coronavirus genome

Researchers have discovered numerous new RNAs and multiple unknown chemical modifications of viral RNA. Microbiologists from South Korea compiled the first gene map of the new coronavirus. According to them, the SARS-CoV-2 genome contains many so-called subgenomic RNAs whose functions are not fully understood. But many scientists managed to find out. The results of the […]

A new ozone hole the size of Egypt was recorded over the Arctic

Most observations of ozone holes are concentrated over Antarctica, but now scientists have discovered the largest hole in the ozone layer over the past 25 years over the Arctic. According to the researchers, the ozone layer protects the Earth from the worst ultraviolet radiation from the Sun, but was discovered in this layer in Antarctica […]

Discovered the oldest relative of all plants and trees

An international team of scientists has discovered in China the remains of the oldest green algae on Earth. According to researchers, the fossil microalgae Proterocladus antiquus lived on our planet about 1 billion years ago. It was previously believed that they originated about 800 million years ago. According to researchers, this species is a distant […]


Professor Ian Morison of Jodrell Bank will lead our Didsbury SciBAr discussion. That’s what we’d all like to know, and that’s why an awful lot of scientists are studying the heavens to try to find evidence of Aliens. Aliens would have no trouble finding us,if they knew where to look, as at some (TV and […]

A Story of Radioactivity: A Glowing Tale

We are pleased to announce that on 19th March we have Dr Louise Natrajan from University of Manchester’s School of Chemistry coming to speak to us. ‘A Story of Radioactivity: A Glowing Tale’ Shortly after the discovery of radioactivity it was thought to have health benefits, yet now it is considered harmful. Electricity production from […]

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