Professor Ian Morison of Jodrell Bank will lead our Didsbury SciBAr discussion. That’s what we’d all like to know, and that’s why an awful lot of scientists are studying the heavens to try to find evidence of Aliens. Aliens would have no trouble finding us,if they knew where to look, as at some (TV and […]

A Story of Radioactivity: A Glowing Tale

We are pleased to announce that on 19th March we have Dr Louise Natrajan from University of Manchester’s School of Chemistry coming to speak to us. ‘A Story of Radioactivity: A Glowing Tale’ Shortly after the discovery of radioactivity it was thought to have health benefits, yet now it is considered harmful. Electricity production from […]

Engineering Bio-Fuels of the Future

Biofuels were once heralded as fuels of the future. But growing biomass for fuel consumes agricultural land and requires energy dependent processing – it fails to deliver. Water borne algae were considered a superior alternative but have failed to deliver commercially attractive solutions. New opportunities are now emerging from the new science of Synthetic Biology […]

Filling Up On Sunshine – Dr Andrew Thomas

Solar energy has the potential to easily meet global human energy demand and would mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and the issues surrounding finite fossil fuel reserves. However, despite intensive research efforts, competitively priced and stable solar energy is still a “research problem”. This talk will cover some of the issues that affect solar generation and […]

Why do researchers speak at the SciBar?

They benefit from this too. In addition to improving their speaking skills, they get to meet the general public. Many of these scientists are working in fields that are eventually of benefit to makind– from medicine to making a more efficient car engine. By engaging with thet public, they get to learn what the people […]

What is a SciBar?

The SciBar is a bunch of people with a passing interest in science meeting once a month for an informal chat over a beer or wine in a pub. The SciBar is run by the British Science Association — so we have the clout to get top researchers — on any topic — to come […]

Fifteen Youth Industrial Strategy Competition finalists named

Innovative school projects ranging from wearable air quality detectors to a multi-purpose eco-friendly park bench have been shortlisted as finalists for the Youth Industrial Strategy Competition. Fifteen finalists from across the UK have been selected to attend the finals of the national STEM initiative. The Competition called for young people between the ages of 11 […]

New partnership brings together science and reading

The British Science Association is proud to be working with The Reading Agency to help grow participation within underrepresented groups in a new education project. Whilst science centres, science festivals and other science learning providers are running a wide range of fantastic programmes and events they tend to cater to those who are already interested […]

British Science Week

The British Science Association (BSA) today announced that it is partnering with science-based technology company 3M on a new campaign to tackle stereotypes in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM), during British Science Week this year (6 – 15 March 2020). The ‘Smashing Stereotypes’ campaign will encourage STEM employees and researchers to share their stories […]

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