Scientists have found a rare galaxy with a huge black hole

Scientists managed to get an image of a very rare galaxy in the shape of a ring of fire. This “strange” galaxy produces stars fifty times faster than the Milky Way.

The galaxy is called R5519 and is located at a distance of 11 billion light-years from Earth. And the black hole, which is located in its center, has a diameter of about 2 billion times larger than the distance from the Earth to the Sun. This black hole can also be compared to a supermassive black hole in the center of the Messier-87 galaxy (M-87), a photograph of which was published last year. Scientists say the new find is three million times larger.

The image of the galaxy was obtained thanks to the data that were collected at the Keck Observatory in Hawaii and the Hubble Space Telescope. Scientists say that they were able to discover the first circular collision galaxy, which dates back to the primary Universe, that is, they received an image of the initial period of the formation of the Universe.


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